Acharya App, delivered for JMPL - Audi.

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About Client:

Jubilant Motor Works is an automotive division of Jubilant Bhartia, a global conglomerate, which operates businesses in various sectors - Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Agri, etc.

They are involved in sales and post-sales of Audi Cars. They own dealerships for Audi Vehicles in metros across India.

Project Goal:

Jubilant Motor Works found that it is vital for their sales consultants to maintain consistent engagement with their prospects across all Audi Dealerships in the country.

It requires a systematic process that could help the consultants gauge their prospective customer's preferences and recommend a list of Audi Variants.


SMAATAPPS developed an attribute-based-decision-tree model that takes inputs / preferences from prospective customers and lists recommended variants.

Implemented the model in the iOS app that integrates with the CRM. Designed the UX such that the consultants can easily walk through the recommendation-process with their prospective customers.


Sales consultants engaged the buyers with the app installed on the Apple iPads. The Sales team across India brought a consistent approach in the recommendation of variants to their prospective customers. The solution brought in a systematic process and consistency in the Prospecting and Sales Management of the Jubilant Motor Works.

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