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Project Summary

ECO is India’s most advanced, independent, objective, unbiased, comprehensive and scientific auto inspection and verification service provider for used cars, used bikes and used scooters. Inspection will be performed using ECO’s proprietary methodology by professionals. The inspection checklist is mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive covering all the important points needed in verifying or inspecting a vehicle. Once inspection/ verification is ordered by a customer, the service will be delivered at their doorstep at a convenient time as specified by the customer. Post the completion of inspection/ verification, a digital report will be delivered to the customer. Used car and Used bike market in India is full of chaos, confusion and trust issues. On performing auto inspection for a used car or a used bike and having an inspection report with the vehicle improves trust and chances to sell the vehicle. ECO ensures an exhaustive auto inspection with trained technicians with expertise in car inspection and bike inspection with a detailed inspection report giving a full image of the vehicle without any physical presence to the buyer. Eco and Droom together will aim at zeroing the information asymmetry which acts as a barrier in the used vehicle transaction. ECO has over 100 to 120 inspection points for bikes and cars covering all aspects of the vehicle from bumper to bumper.


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App Features:

  • Tutorial
  • Sign-up for Auto-Inspection Service
  • Receive Auto-Inspection Orders
  • Perform Auto-Inspection and generate Inspection Reports
  • Billing Records
  • Flexibility


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